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DHS documentary- Inncocence Destroyed-part 2 (Graphic) July 15, 2014

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Documentary on DHS-Innocence Destroyed, Part 1

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Letter writing update February 6, 2012

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So here’s an update. I wrote Oregon’s state Governor and all the senators and cc’d all the letters so they can see who all was getting them. I sent those letters at the beginning of last week. Today, I received a call from the governor’s office. I called them back and left a message so I will hopefully hear back soon. I also received a call from Senator Bates office. They clarified a couple of things that I had said in my letter and said that they have already called DHS and they are investigating. They said that they will contact me and let me know the outcome of their investigation. I will keep everyone posted. I hope this is giving DHS exactly the kind of attention that they hate so much. We are not alone and there is power in numbers. Start writing and calling and demanding some changes.


My own battle with DHS January 25, 2012

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Believe me when I say DHS need nothing more than hearsay to make a case against you. In my case, it came from an ex husband. Next thing I know DHS is at my door with two police officers. I opened the door, though not all the way. This DHS worker with her chest all puffed out and looking like she was ready for a fight says ” We received a complaint and we are here to place your child, you need to let me in right now so I can see your child.” I politely listened to her and explained that I knew my rights and I would not let her in without a search warrant.” She got on the phone with her supervisor and there was nothing the worker could do right then. She knocked on my door again and told me to be in court at 11:00 the next day. I took her business card and told her to have a nice day and I would see her tomorrow. I think it gets to them if you can remain in control and not let them freak you out.

The next day, I show up at the court-house. I read the DHS workers report. She stated that I was hostile because I wouldn’t let her in my home and thus mentally unstable. They also put a few other fabrications in there. I couldn’t believe the things that they were able to say about me. NOTHING is based on fact and there was NO investigation. The judge said that I had to agree to give DHS full access to my house and my child. I agreed to let them come in but did not want them anywhere near my child as I already didn’t trust these people. The judge said “fine, we will just put him in foster care.” WOW, they all but put a gun to my head. I read in the DHS policies which you can find online that developing the “safety plan” was something the family was supposed to participate in. Not in my case or anyone else I talked to.

Well, I reluctantly agreed and we just had our first home visit, which I video taped. ALWAYS document any contact you have with DHS. Get a camcorder and a telephone recorder. They can take ANYTHING you say out of context, twist it, or just make it up. So now that the worker wrote that I was mentally unstable and hostile I got a referral to the local mental health center for an evaluation. I will jump through their hoops for the benefit of my son. This type of harassment needs to be illegal.

I keep reminding myself that everything in life is temporary, even this. When my personal fight does come to  an end, it will not be the last time DHS hears from me. I hope to get communities involved across the nation. I know I have a long ways to go with my little site. I know there are many americans going through the same thing and it is scary. Please educate yourself on your civil rights because no one will tell you what they are. Please spread the word and band together. I’m gonna start with writing my politicians and wont stop. They need to hear our voices, the voices of our children and all those children that have been lost in the system that was supposed to be helping them..

I wish everyone the best and hope that you can retain some sanity when dealing with the system that destroys so many families. And to think, it all started with a phone call from an ex trying to get one up on me…disgusting!


get politicians involved! January 17, 2012

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I have decided to write a sample letter to give people something to go off of when writing letters to their local and state politicians.


Dear Sirs,

I am your constituent writing to inform you of an issue that REQUIRES your attention immediately.

In 1997 Bill Clinton passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act. This bill offered cash bonuses for every child adopted out of foster care. Some counties offer $4-6,000 and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child. This Bill has become a way for state workers to keep the revenue coming in. Young children are placed on adult medications even though the FDA says that they are not suitable for children. Some children are on as many as 16 medications at any given time. unfortunately more children than not are placed on these medications and classified as “difficult.” This bill is toxic to american families and coupled with CPS campaign to get people to report each other, is a legal way to kidnap and trade children.

In 1998 the Center for Child Abuse and Neglect reported that six times more children died while in foster care than in the general public. Imagine what that number is today. This bill ceases children using tax money paid by people who believe that their money is actually being used to help children. Children are converted into cash.

This Bill is also allows CPS to violate the fourth amendment rights of children and their parents every day. Children being born true blood citizens of the United States with a name are born with these rights. They have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches nad seizures.

The fifth amendment also states that a person shall not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of the law. Children are taken everyday based on hearsay before an investigation or due process of the law is ever done.

This is a mess that our government helped to created and now it needs to be addressed. America can no longer ignore what is happening in their own neighborhoods and under everyone’s noses. Politicians who condone the damage done to American families and the years they have lost , turn the other way, or refuse to see, need to make themselves known to the American people so as to not be voted into office again.

I encourage you to do your own research on the subject and make a positive change to encourage family togetherness and healing.



(your name)


If you would like to add something to this letter please leave a comment.



Politicians not taking responsibility January 12, 2012

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In 1997 Bill Clinton passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act. This bill offered cash bonuses to sates for every child adopted out of foster care. Some counties offer $4,000-$6,000 per child in addition to $2,000 for special needs children. Is it any wonder why so many children in foster care are placed on adult medications? When they can classify them as “special needs”, why not?This bill converts children into cash. DHS/CPS keeps the cash flow going and is given bonuses while other state funded programs are cut.

In 1998  the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect reported that six times more children died in foster care than in the general public. Can you imagine what that number is today? The state is able to cease children using tax money paid by the American people who believe that the money is being used to actually help children. This is an official child kidnapping ring.

We need to write letters to ALL of our state and local politicians making them take responsiblity for what they have created. If they endorse the behavior of DHS/CPS and refuse to acknowledge the families destroyed under their own noses, that needs to be made public. We are all products of our environment. We are only beginning to see the repercussions of DHS/CPS campaign they started some twenty years ago. And it’s only going to get worse.



DHS harrassment January 10, 2012

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If DHS hasn’t become a part of your life yet, there’s a good chance they will at some point. It may be you or someone you know. It starts with an anonymous tip and surprise visit at your front door. They may schedule and emergency safety meeting to discuss the allegations and the safety of your children. They don’t need and PROOF of abuse. DHS comes up with what they think is the best plan for your children and they all but put a gun to your head to make you go along with it. If you protest, they will make threats.They will expose your children into forced counseling. Anything your child says during this time can be tweaked in order to help their case against you. this is only the beginning of your hell.

This is part of DHS’s “save the children” campaign they started in the late 80’s , early 90’s. They encouraged everyone to report abuse. Before you know it, you aren’t allowed to discipline your children anymore. Children get away with walking all over their parents because they know their parents can’t do anything about it. Where is the moral fabric that our grandparents built their families around?

If DHS comes to your door, DO NOT LET THEM IN. They will try to make you think that you have to, but you don’t. Do your research online and learn your parental rights when it comes to DHS. If DHS continues to harass you, tell them you want the papers to file for a review/hearing. They can provide these papers, but they don’t want to. This will put every case worker involved and the decisions they made under a microscope. I have also heard of people having some success be writing letters or calling their local/state politicians.

I look forward to hearing other people’s experiences and spreading the word about the reality of DHS. Lets start our own movement.